Monday, January 21, 2008

Horseback Along the Virgin River

Hi Everyone,
I finally got around to posting. I've been busy on a large painting and it's taken up most of my painting time. But, thanks to my friend Jacquelyn, who lit a fire under me, I committed to doing a painting for the Zion National Park competition. This is my attempt to convey the grandeur of Zion Canyon. If you look very closely along the shadowed side of the river, you will see three dark figures. Two riders on horseback and their trusty dog. They were added to try to give extra impact to the scale. It was difficult to paint them small enough. I kept having to redo them because they always ended up too big. Everything I did, from the lighting and shadow of the cliff from the opposite canyon wall, to the river and trees are doing everything I can to point you to those tiny tiny figures in this vast landscape. That's also why I've given the painting the name that I have. It lets you know that there's something extra worth looking for.

Thanks for looking, Steve