Sunday, March 22, 2009

Front Row Seat

Front Row Seat, 24X30, oil on linen

This painting came from my desire to paint the translucency of water. The rhythm of the foam and the challenge of painting the foreground rock as it disappears into the sea. When I finished this painting, and had the wave breaking behind the middle ground rock, I felt that the focus of the painting was missing. That's when I put in the sea gull on the rock, right in front of where that wave is breaking. In a moment, he's going to be wearing that wave.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Earnin' Your Keep

Earnin' Your Keep, 12X16, oil on linen panel

This study was done as a donation for an upcoming benefit at the Bosque Conservatory in Clifton Texas. This was a scene I came across at the Tucson Rodeo. These were the horses that were to be ridden by the pickup men, the riders that help the roughstock riders dismount from their bucking broncs or bulls. All saddled and ready to ride, they walked toward the arena with calm purpose.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cowboys and Indians magazine highlights Steve's Art

Before the Day's Heat, 12X16, oil/linen panel

The April edition of Cowboys and Indians Magazine has a full page feature on my artistic philosophy and bio in their Open Gallery section. I happen to be a subscriber to Cowboys and Indians mag, since I noticed that lots of my western art collectors were subscribers as well. In it they feature lots of celebrities who either act in westerns or are horse owners/ western ranch owners themselves. As well as articles on the western lifestyle and property. Also they feature some of the most beautiful western art and jewelry being produced today. I am very humbled to have been contacted and written up by Managing Editor Ann Orsinger, who wrote a very accurate account of who I am as an artist and what I strive to do. I've had other write ups, and I know how horribly wrong they can go, even with the best of intentions. Thank you Ann for getting it right. Just a note for all the artists out there who aren't sure if the trouble or expense of having a professional website is worth it, I can tell you that it absolutely is. It's how many of my collectors have found me, and now, how this magazine has discovered me. In addition, I can't disclose the magazine yet, but one of my paintings will be featured on the cover soon. They also found me through my website. I'll tell you more when I can...

This painting is set in the early morning in a canyon in Zion National Park. I love the bond that develops between the rider and his horse. This horse is about to get his fill of cold mountain water. Run off of some distant mountain. Of course, the cowboy makes sure they're upstream from the herd.

This painting will be included in the Texas Art Gallery's Fixed Price Draw on May 8,2009.