Thursday, February 24, 2011


"Bradley" © 2011, 16X12, oil on stretched linen
Phippen Museum's 37th Annual Western Art Show and Sale
May 28, 29 & 30, 2001 Prescott, Az

Like most working artists, I've been putting in lots and lots of time in the studio. I'm working on getting together as many new paintings as I can for my first year's participation in the Phippen Museum's Western Art Show and Sale on May 28, 29 + 30, 2011. I've attended the show many times as a visitor, but this is my first ever participating in an outdoor show. I'm learning lots about tents, display walls and what services are available for commerce challenged artists like myself, so I'll be able to take credit cards as payment.... I'll also be participating in a quick draw for the first time. It takes me back to my college days when I worked at an amusement park for a summer, while on display airbrushing tshirts.


"Welcome to the Family" © 2011, 24X30, oil on stretched linen
Trailside Galleries (480) 945-7751

In the mean time I just finished this painting for Trailside Gallery's Western Art Classic Show, March 7-19, 2011, in Scottsdale, Az. It's always a good show with very good turnout. I'll be at the artist's reception on March 17, 7-9 pm.


"Guardian of Honor" © 2011, 24X36, oil on stretched linen
Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art (800) 453-8991

I'm also pleased to announce that I've added two new galleries to represent me. Windrush Gallery in Sedona, Az and Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art in San Antonio, Tx. I'll be adding new artwork to both of these galleries in the coming months, so check back often.

and as always, Thanks for lookin' ---Steve

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cowboy Reading Light

Hi Everybody,
this is my latest painting, which I call "Cowboy Reading Light". The inspiration for it came from the great cowboy song titled "Night Rider's Lament" by Michael Burton. I've heard that Garth Brooks recorded the song, though I haven't heard his version, but then many cowboy musicians have recorded it. I've also heard that this is the only cowboy song Michael has ever written. I'm always moved by the message in the song. It paints such a vivid picture...... Here are the lyrics:

Night Rider's Lament
Lyrics and Music by Michael Burton

Last night as I was out a ridin’

graveyard shift, midnight ‘till dawn
the moon was as bright as a readin’ light
for a letter from an old friend back home

Chorus: He asked me why do you ride for your money
Why do you rope for short pay
You ain’t getting’ nowhere
And you’re losin’ your share
Boy, you must have gone crazy out there
But he’s never seen the Northern Lights
Never seen a hawk on the wing

He’s never seen Spring hit the Great Divide

And never heard Ol’ Camp Cookie sing

He tells me last night I run onto Jenny
she’s married and has a good life

Ah, you sure missed the track
when you never come back

she’s a perfect professional’s wife

She asked him why does he ride for his money
Why does he rope for short pay

He ain’t getting’ nowhere and he’s losin’ his share

He must have gone crazy out there

But she’s never seen the Northern Lights

Never seen a hawk on the wing

Never seen Spring hit the Great Divide
And never heard Ol’ Camp Cookie sing

Well I read up the last of that letter
and tore off the stamp for Black Jim
When Billy rode up to relieve me
he just looked at the letter and grinned

He sang . . .Now. . . Why do they ride for their money
Why do they rope for short pay

They ain’t getting nowhere
And they’re losing their share

Son, they all must be crazy out there

I do know that this song paints such a vivid picture in my mind, that I had to put it down on canvas. My goal was to give it a dream like quality. I hope I've come close to doing it justice. I also know that nobody would have understood the meaning of the title if I had given the painting the same name as the song.... besides, the name is a bit of a downer. So, "Cowboy Reading Light" seemed like a perfect fit for it!

Thanks for looking, Steve