Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two Western Landscapes

Juniper Lake Study, 6X8, oil on linen panel

Mountain Snowmelt Runoff, 6x12, oil on linen panel

Hi Everyone,
I'm posting a couple of the smaller paintings I recently finished. Both are scenes in Wyoming, but are very different in their mood. The first is a lake near Yellowstone toward the end of the day. The second is early in the morning looking almost directly into the sun. That one is outside of Jackson Hole on the way to Yellowstone. I never get tired of the landscapes around the Jackson Hole area. I bet a person could spend several lifetimes painting it and still only scratch the surface.

Thanks for looking, Steve


Frank Gardner said...

These are really great Steve. I would love to paint around that area some time.
Glad to hear you sold that painting the other day. It was a great one.
I cant really remember what I commented.
Something about loving "Morning has Broken" and thinking that touch about the crisp jeans and pressed shirt really made the first painting.

Jennifer McChristian said...

...makes me want to visit Wyoming!
Gorgeous work as usual :)


Steve Atkinson said...

Thanks J,
I hope we can paint it with PAPW one of these days. Maybe take a pack mule trip into the Wind River Mountains. BTW, I passed your name and info on to the director of Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, I wouldn't be surprised if you hear from them in the near future! Your new stuff is KILLER! Good luck on your show.

Peace out, S.

Steve Atkinson said...

Hi Frank,
Just so everyone is clued into what Frank is talking about, he had posted a comment last week (which I accidentally deleted) wishing me good luck on the auction of my painting " Sizing Up the New Hand", and how much he liked the fact that I had painted the old hands with dirty clothes and had painted the new hand with clean crisp clothes. The update for the show is that both my paintings sold. I was very happy and appreciative to both the Texas Art Gallery, who really knows how to put on a shin-dig, and to the collectors, who make it possible for artist's like myself to make a living at what I love to do!

Thanks for the post Frank, it's always great to hear from you! Keep em coming.