Monday, July 21, 2008

Who's Your Daddy

"Whos Your Daddy", 20X24" oil on canvas, ©2008

Hi Everybody,
I did this painting as a result of my recent trip to the YO Ranch in Mountain Home, Texas. This ranch, which is located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, is rich in history and animals. In addition to the exotics that roam the 50,000 acres, like Giraffe, wildebeest and camel, they have lots of longhorn cattle as well. If you've never been close up to one of these bulls, you can find yourself pretty intimidated by their size and power. Everything about them shouts power and nobility. Instantly recognizable, Longhorn cattle are prized for the size of their horns. Horn spreads have been recorded over seven feet! These calves were following their daddy and sticking pretty close to him. But they also were pretty interested in me. I did my best to keep a healthy distance from them, since all animals can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to their young.

My aim in this painting, beyond showing the bond between this bull and what I assume were his offspring, was to convey the heat of a Texas day. The sun is so bright that everything fairly glows. I love the boxy lines of cattle, especially the longhorn variety. I can see why Texas is so in love with these animals. They are a ball to paint!

Thanks for looking


Bill Guffey said...

Wonderful painting, Steve. I love the palette you used with this one.

Steve Atkinson said...

Thanks Bill. I really did enjoy this painting from start to finish. I was sorry when it was done. Sorry I took so long to reply, I just got back from vacation.


hbedrosian said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am passing on the "Arte y Pico Award" to you for your blog entries full of amazing art. The details are posted in my blog under the topic "Arte y Pico".

Steve Atkinson said...

Hello Holly,

I'm so honored to have you pass this award along to me. Its so nice to get to know the artists who are living their passion every day. It's one of the many reasons I've chosen to blog. There is so much talent everywhere, that I love making the discovery of new (at least to me) artists. The art community is one of the most giving, open hearted, good natured communities there is, and I'm so blessed to be a part of it. Wherever we go, no matter what part of the country, Ann and I meet artists who's talent is only surpassed by their kindness. And that goes for the collectors of art, every bit as much as the artists. I can't tell you the number of times I've had other artists and collectors (some of whom I've only met online) offer to open their homes for us and invite us to stay with them when traveling in their part of the country (or world). It gives me hope in these times where all we ever seem to hear about are the bad things.

Pencil is an incredible medium with its own language, and you speak it so beautifully. Thanks for getting in touch. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

BTW, don't miss my link to Cindy Long on this site. She's a Texas artist and is incredible with a pencil. Her drawings make me drool. But even better than that, she's such a sweetie. If you haven't already, take a moment to check out her site.

Keep in touch, Steve

Theresa Rankin said...

I have seen your work through Fine Art studios Online...which I also have a glad to have found a blog on your work...This is a fantastic painting with the brushwork I love. You have succeeded in my humble opinion in representing the heat and bright sun! Fantastic piece!!

Steve Atkinson said...

Thanks Theresa. I guess it shows when you have fun painting a piece. Thanks for checking in and letting me know what you like.

Jennifer McChristian said...

What a delight to my senses!
Superb use of warm/cool, dark/light color combinations to depict strong sunlight. By the way, your draughtsmanship is outstanding!

Steve Atkinson said...

Thanks Jennifer, it always means so much to me to get a compliment from you. Especially when it involves a light effect, which nobody does better than you.