Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September Song

September Song, 24X40", oil on stretched linen

Hi All,
This is my latest painting which I call, "September Song". I was inspired to do this painting during my last trip to the Rocky Mountains. That was in May, not September. But I came across this early morning scene and knew it would be perfect for an elk painting. The elk population is doing incredibly well in the park. In fact, you can't go very far without seeing herds of them grazing or walking. I have been to the Rockies in September which was when I heard my first elk call. They did echo up and down the canyons, particularly at dusk and again at dawn. So I set this painting in Autumn and added a bull elk with a full rack. The time is early morning and he has lifted his head to bugle his call. There is steam rising off his back and his breath is visible. Here is a closeup view of the elk:

It's such a joy to still be able to visit these wild places. I haven't decided where I will send this piece yet.For now, I'll keep it in my studio, turn it to the wall and put a little time and distance from me. Then I will see if there are any other tweaks it needs.

Thanks for checking in, Steve


Theresa Rankin said...

A real beauty here, Steve...I especially the like the sense of light that can be readily seen in the close up of the elk. I just returned myself from The Rockies....a few plein airs and many photos.

Steve Atkinson said...

Thanks Theresa, as you can probably tell, I love doing these backlit scenes. Congrats on your plein airs of the Rockies. It's a tough subject to tackle, but really helps you to grow as a painter, don't you think?

Keep your brushes wet, S.

Anonymous said...

Saw "Lunch Line" in the Texas Art Gallery catalog which led me to your website and now your blog. Great stuff all around. Looking forward to seeing the original next week. I invite you to give my work a look at

Good luck with the auction.

Rusty Jones

Marian Fortunati said...

WOW... I just happened on your blog and have been lost as I scroll down to see all of your wonderful work. I LOVE the way you show the details of your work.
I'm sitting here in awe. Thanks so much for sharing.