Friday, May 22, 2009

Last One Back

Last One Back, 30X24, oil on linen

Hi bloggers,
It's been a month since my last post (sounds kind of like a confession, don't you think?....forgive me father, it's been a month since my last blog...). I have been painting furiously and not goofing off, uh....really. I'm working on several larger paintings at the same time, so it feels like forever till one is finished. I wanted this painting to have a dramatic feel to it. Nocturnes are one of my favorite things to paint. This cowboy is coming back to camp after dark. The long day is now over and it's time for chow and a chance to rest. The campfire is waiting and will help to get the chill out of his bones. Out here you don't get paid by the hour. You work till the job's done. And you sleep really good at night.

This is a painting with lots of angles to it.The clouds, the rider, even the ground is sloped. Everything has the feeling of dynamic movement. Nothing is standing still. Just the way real life is for these guys.


Jeremy Elder said...

What a beautifully balanced painting. The colors give off a serene feeling, but the compositional lines show action. I've read tons of Louis L'amor stories and your paintings make me think of that mostly lost way of life that cowboys lived. That's a great frame too.

Rusty Jones said...

This one had to be fun. A white horse in the dark and a great story to boot. Nice job there Steve.

labrown said...

Beautiful work on this site Steve. Thanks for the detail shots. always interesting to see things up close! Best, /Lee