Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mexican Silver

Mexican Silver, 12X16, oil on linen panel

Hi Everyone,
Well, Ann and I spent the last three days traveling cross country in a car that was stuffed to the gills (including two cats!... who were great, btw). We arrived safe and sound in Arizona and have started the moving process. I'll be back in Minnesota next week to finish getting the house ready to put on the market. Then I'll be in Arizona permanently. The amount of time I can spend in front of the easel lately has been almost none, but I did manage to paint this still life. I almost never paint still lifes because I can't get into the traditional subject matter. Flowers, fruit and vases ain't something I can get into. It's just how I'm wired. But a pair of spurs with mexican silver, well, now your talkin'. I originally set these up to do a quick painting of them, you know, the "painting a day" kind that are so very popular now. But what I discovered was that, even though I could lay it all in quickly enough, I wasn't going to be happy with the spur rowels (the pointy wheels that are used to get the attention of the horse) when I painted them fast. They just looked sloppy. So I slowed down and took my time with them. I put a single light source on the scene and added some silver coins and wooden beads. The edges are loose in the areas where I want the eye to pass over. Since I wanted the spur wheel on the right to be the focal point, I made it the area of greatest contrast, as well as the hardest edges.
Thanks for looking, Steve


Karen Hargett said...

Oh this one takes my breath away and makes my heart beat faster. I love it!

Are you doing prints?

I bet you are glad that trip is over - I'm sure you'll have to make a trip now and again but hope y'all settle in quickly - the cats too ;-)

Steve Atkinson said...

Hi Karen, thank you for that great compliment. I'm trying to decide if this one goes to the Holiday Miniature show at Trailside Gallery.

Yes,I do do prints. My inks and paper are archival. I could print on Gloss or Matte paper, whichever you would prefer. If you're interested, shoot me an email at We can talk about sizes and price. Thanks again for that great've made my day :0)

I'm thrilled the first drive is behind me, and so are the kitties. I go back to Minneapolis for a short time, then will drive my car back, stuffed with my studio stuff. This time I'll be driving it by myself. Thank goodness for GPS!!!! Then I'll be here for good....WHEW!!!!

Todd said...

Great work Steve. I really enjoy reading about your process.