Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi Everybody,
Here are three on location paintings done last week before I left on my Wyoming trip. All three are Arizona high country scenes.

Tranquility Lake, 9X12 oil/canvas panel


Seen Better Days, 9X12 oil/canvas panel


View from Table Mountain, 9X12 oil/canvas panel


"Tranquility Lake" was done early morning at a small lake on the property of a local cattle ranch. The people running the place have been so very nice and supportive about letting me roam around the place and paint what I want. It's this artist's dream come true.

"Seen Better Days" was done at the same ranch around noon. They have a number of great old buildings in disrepair, but just oozing with personality. This buildings days are numbered, I'm told, so I'll be back soon to do more of this one.

"View from Table Mountain", just behind our home is a plateau known as Table Mountain. The views of the valley and surrounding area seem to go on forever in 360˚. It was an extremely windy day on top of Table Mountain, and even my Soltek held down with boulders was blowing over. So I painted with one hand holding the easel in place. Wind that strong and constant is really disconcerting after a few hours, and I can tell you I was glad when I was finished with this one.

On a more personal note, I'm pleased to announce that my painting "Hell For Leather" was selected as a Finalist in Raymar's Art Competition for July 2010. The judge for this month was Randall Sexton. My thanks to Randall and Raymar for this honor.

Thanks for looking, Steve


Ann Rogers said...

All three are such a visual treat, even with the wind, you didn't miss a beat!

Tim Fitzgerald said...

With each new painting one can see the steady improvement in your technique and use of color. Your confidence also shines through " Hell For leather"is one of your best in my opinion.
Moving out west was good for your painting. Tim Fitz

Steve Atkinson said...

Thank you Ann!! I'm learning to get used to the wind out here. It's very windy in the spring and fall. But Summers here are calm (unless you're on top of Table Mountain), and not terribly hot. I'm going to paint the Grand Canyon for a week soon, so I thought getting some wind practice would come in handy. Those cliffs can be windy, which is OK, as long as the wind is blowing into your face and not at your back. If it's at your back, and you are standing looking over the cliff edge.... well, you could be in trouble unless you're into base jumping.

Steve Atkinson said...

Hiya Tim!
I appreciate the encouragement. I really do feel like this move has been so very good for me and felt like home from the very beginning. Just bot back from Wyoming, part business, part painting. Not such good luck there, but it happens. If you aren't failing occasionally, you aren't stretching to do new things, right? Thanks for checking in, it's always good to hear from you =0)

Vicky said...

Such lovely paintings, Steve! Congrats on being chosen for your entry. I thought the 'Hell for Leather' was/is exceptional!