Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skull Valley and Beyond

Skull Valley, 9X12, oil/cavas panel ©2011

Hi Everybody!
Last week I got out of the studio long enough to paint this piece on location. I found this view when I was out geocaching, which is a modern day treasure hunt (hidden are little capsule which contain a log book to sign in and some small trinkets you are free to take with you, as long as you leave something of equal value. But for me the treasures are the locations I'm taken to by other geocachers who hide caches for the rest of us to find. Locations I might never find on my own. Breathtaking views and vistas are the norm). Anyways, when I found this site, I knew I would have to come back to paint it. We've had plenty of snow here in the high desert and this scene is evidence of that. True enough it usually doesn't stay around long, but if you're quick you can get it down before it melts. As the name implies, this is a view of Skull Valley which is a ranching area.

Skull Valley photo reference

I got this down between 3 and 5pm, and touched it up a bit in the studio. When I started out it was intermittently cloudy, but was clearing up. Here is what the scene looked like when I started painting it. As the afternoon wore on it cleared up and I was able to get the light effect I was looking for.

Thanks for looking! Steve


Tim Fitzgerald said...

Hi Steve,
Leave it to you to improve mother nature by tweaking the color perfectly.
I'm very jealous of your skill.
Tim Fitz

graciamol;loyart said...

Hi Steve...

We are two artists who are blown away by your "artistic impression' of your painting "Skull Valley and Beyond."
We have been painting for 40 years each and are WOWWED by your artwork.

Love the light, the color variations, the play of warm/cool contrast, and the small splash of red in the foreground...etc,...etc.

We two agree... we could LOOK AT YOUR PHOTO AND PAINTING for a month and still come away saying, "Wow... this is AWESOME ARTWORK."

Thank you for inspiring a 66 yr old...and an 82 year young artist that are humbled by your creative interpretation in this GLORIOUS PAINTING. WOW! Gracia and Evelyn.

Steve Atkinson said...

Tim, you are very kind.I just happened to take that photo before the sun came out and lit up the scene. Trust me, it was an amazing vista and I was painting furiously to get it down as close to the original as I could!

Steve Atkinson said...

Gracia and Evelyn, thank you for your wonderful post. You've made my week! Happy painting! Steve

Douglas Clark said...

I really like how you posted the photo with your painting. It is very interesting how you enhancedthe color to produce such a vibrant painting.

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