Friday, April 30, 2010


Revised final painting, where I closed up the crack
along the front of the skull. Now it's not
 so distracting, and you see a beautiful skull
instead of a skull that has a big crack in it.

Dust and Thunder, 30X40 oil on stretched linen

My latest painting is called "Dust and Thunder". I find that I don't paint many still life's, just because I don't find that the traditional subject matter of flowers or fruit interesting. But I could look at a scenes like this forever. A painting with history or a deeper meaning, and yet is simple at it's very heart. In this scene, just a Navajo blanket, a lariat and a buffalo skull. It's the whole history of the west in one scene.

sketch for Dust and Thunder

This painting will be included in Trailside's upcoming "Salute to Summer" show at their Jackson, Wyoming location. I'm planning on having 4 new paintings to be included in the show that kicks off the season in the Jackson Hole area in Wyoming. The tourist season starts the Memorial Day weekend. It's almost like someone fires a starting gun in the air, and the people and buses start streaming in. If you've not been to Wyoming in general or Jackson specifically, try to get there. It's one of the most beautiful places in the West.


Vicky said...

Thanks so much for taking time to answer my question! Your 'encyclopedia of helpful hints' is much appreciated! I look forward to perusing the websites you mentioned. BTW, this painting is fantastic!!

Ann Rogers said...

Oh, is this ever the perfect still life! Such a fantastic trio for Wyoming.

Steve Atkinson said...

Ann and Vicky, you're so welcome. I do hope these posts help make painting a little less mysterious. Over the years I've had so many generous teachers who didn't have to share any of their hard earned "secrets". Being an artist is to be blessed into a fraternity of kind and sharing souls. I'd like to think I'm paying it forward a little.

Happy painting!!

Lokelani Forrest said...

I love this piece. It has deeper meaning than a bowl of fruit.

Paula said...

You truely are an ARTIST.. i guess like life.. what you put into it is what you get out of it.. that goes for painting and life it self.. and i feel that same way--to tell a story about our paintings.. they all have one.
I have a blog.. working on it to display my work.. in progress.
i look forward in viewing more of your work.. Denny Karchners work and Dave Hagstorm.. Awesome artist.
thanks for your time..
heading out to a POW WOW today.. looking to get some great Photos..
and im on face book///
Thanks again
Paula Terpening

Steve Atkinson said...

Thank you Paula, good luck on your blog and your paintings. Just write from your heart and tell your stories and it will grow by leaps and bounds.

Thanks Lokelani, I agree!