Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First String, finished version

Hi Everybody,

I finally got to finish "First String", and wanted to make sure I posted it. I've been working on several other larger paintings in the mean time, but needed to have a little time and distance before I came back to this one. It always helps me to take a break from a painting, turn it to the wall, and come back to it with a fresh eye (that is, if you have the time, and deadlines don't require you to get it to the gallery). Problems that plagued me originally, or things that were wrong that I hadn't even noticed before, jump out at me and are much easier to address now.

First String, 24X30 oil/linen

First String will be included in Trailside Galleries' "Salute to Summer" show in June, 2010 in Jackson, Wyoming.

Thanks for looking, Steve


Jeremy Elder said...

Excellent job, it's nice to see the finished version.

Ann Rogers said...

Spectacular! It's been fun seeing the progression of this painting. Good advice on getting back to a work before declaring it finished..if only impatience weren't such a problem.

Tim Fitzgerald said...

Hi Steve,
Working hard I see! First String turned out very well indeed. Never expected anything else. Sticking to it until the painting is finished makes you the great painter we respect so much.
I see many paintings in galleries that in my opinion need more work, they seem rushed out of the studio before the small necessary tweaks have been done to them.
Your grasp of Horse anatomy is impressive. Did you have the cowboy,horses,and dog all together to pose for you or piece meal?
Tim Fitz

Lokelani Forrest said...

Wonderful job you've done on this piece. I loved watching your progress.

Vicky said...

Fantastic finish! It was a joy to watch!